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Kubur 2 Tingkat.Boleh ka??????

By Reme Ahmad

A RESPECTED Muslim leader has proposed a radical suggestion to resolve
a grave problem in Selangor: Introduce 'double-decker' burial plots
which can take two bodies instead of one.

Tan Sri Kadir Talib said this would help to conserve space in cities,
but it may make some Muslims feel uneasy.

'Where there's not enough land, we have to maximise its use. These
ideas can be adapted as long as people are comfortable with them,' the
former mufti told The Sunday Times.

His suggestion comes in the wake of a debate over the shortage of
cemeteries for Muslims in parts of urban Selangor and the federal

Tan Sri Kadir said the idea of burying two persons in the same plot
was first discussed when he was the Mufti of Kuala Lumpur in the
1990s. There were complaints then about people from Kuala Lumpur being
buried in rural Selangor due to a land shortage.

The idea was dropped subsequently as land was made available in Kuala

But it may have to be resurrected as Selangor is also fast approaching
a similar shortage of land.

Statistics from the Selangor government's website shows that the
annual death rate is 2.87 per 1,000 people, while the birth rate is
20.61 per 1,000, lending urgency to the problem.

In proposing the idea of double-decker burial plots, Tan Sri Kadir
said Islam allowed two people to be buried in the same plot after a
'decent interval'.

'It is something like double-decker beds,' he said.

He admitted that the use and re-use of burial plots was not known
here, but said that it was practised widely in Egypt where he lived
and studied Islam for more than a decade.

'In Egypt, they re-use the tomb after eight months to one year because
the earth is dry. We might have to wait for maybe two to three years
here,' he said.

The 74-year-old religious scholar, who retired recently as the prayer
leader of the Putrajaya mosque located adjacent to the Prime
Minister's Department, added that the authorities may have to make
some adaptations before implementing the idea because of the terrain

Some observers say his idea may break new ground in this part of the
world as, without exception, Muslims here are buried in single plots.

The suggestion was received enthusiastically by a senior official at
the Kajang Municipal Council, a Selangor district that is facing a
cemetery-land shortage.

'Anything that can help reduce space gets our support. This is a new
thing but technically it can be done,' Mr Mohamad Nizam Shahari, the
council's head of planning and landscape department, told The Sunday

But to some, the topic is sensitive and the old ways are best left

'It's distressing to think that your loved ones will be below another
body,' said computer repairman Abdul Halim Abdul Malik, adding he
would not want his elderly parents to 'suffer' like that.          
To me, I agree on the article. This issue should be exposed to other. Firstly, it will be the weird news. As former mufti said, this idea can be adapted as long as people are comfortable with this news.
            As long in emergency, Islam says we can do what we cannot before. If we look on this case, look like in emergency case. Then, we could say that, do double-decker burial is the best way rather than we burn the death body. In addition, if we do the burning way. It helps to become air pollution. In Islam also said that, if something effect to us and other, should we not do the thing.
            While I’m read this article, I would say that, this is the new thing that should be exposed and elaborate to other. Nowadays, people did not care about future. They like to see just in front of them. As we can see on the article, rate of death 2.87 per 1000 people less than the rate of birth 20.61 per 1000 people in Selangor. It means that, lack of land to do the normal burial death.
            Choosing double-decker burial is the best solution. So, we should think out of mind, we can see the advantages of it. Nut of shell, help government to reduce the problem of lack of  the land to burial the death body.                                

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